Non-financial service offer to the clients belonging to the social community programme through the implementation of the poverty stoplight for integral development

The programme supported the MFI FUSAI (Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral) in El Salvador, in its project “Offering value of non-financial services to the clients of the community social program, through the implementation of the stoplight for integrated development”. This project aims to provide support in the development of self-diagnosis and family life plans to 100 clients … Read more

Sustainable financing for the economic development of rural enterprises in Honduras

PILARH OPDF (Proyectos e Iniciativas Locales para el Autodesarrollo Regional de Honduras – Organización Privada de Desarrollo Financiero) in Honduras is one of the microfinance institutions that received technical and financial support from the programme to launch a pilot product development project. PILARH is a leading organisation in the economic and social development of rural areas … Read more