Non-financial service offer to the clients belonging to the social community programme through the implementation of the poverty stoplight for integral development

The programme supported the MFI FUSAI (Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral) in El Salvador, in its project “Offering value of non-financial services to the clients of the community social program, through the implementation of the stoplight for integrated development”. This project aims to provide support in the development of self-diagnosis and family life plans to 100 clients … Read more

Sustainable financing for the economic development of rural enterprises in Honduras

PILARH OPDF (Proyectos e Iniciativas Locales para el Autodesarrollo Regional de Honduras – Organización Privada de Desarrollo Financiero) in Honduras is one of the microfinance institutions that received technical and financial support from the programme to launch a pilot product development project. PILARH is a leading organisation in the economic and social development of rural areas … Read more

Green Microfinance

REDCAMIF offers services for the adoption of rural and green finance, under the methodology of consultancies and technical assistance for the adoption of the green toolbox, which contains: Guide for the adaptation of the financial product in the internal processes of the institution Tool for decisions making about granting financing Tool for selecting suppliers and … Read more

Social Housing

Facilitating access to housing for low-income families in Central America and the Caribbean Financial products for housing a) Progressive Housing Improvement:o Refurbishment, consists of minor works, low complexity and fast execution, a common product for an inexperienced MFI to venture into this type of financial service.o Expansion, consists of construction and incorporation of a new … Read more


We provide access to a complete and consolidated platform with a collection of historical information and constant updates of the microfinance markets of Central America and the Caribbean that provides inputs for the analysis, reporting, decision-making and negotiating power of the microfinance operators and stakeholders. Basic plan The basic plan will provide access to most … Read more

Virtual Assistants

We support microfinance institutions in the implementation of virtual assistants; tool that brings benefits in order to improve the customer experience, streamline processes and have a better market positioning. Among the main benefits are: ✅ Quick and updated information on loan balances ✅ Agencies information with geolocation ✅ Payment methods ✅ Product information and requirements … Read more

Financial Education – EDUFIN

The Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Network – REDCAMIF promotes financial education through EDUFIN Program. This is a digital solution aimed at microfinance institutions and other entities that promote financial health among their clients. The tool provides efficient solutions at low costs and is massive. The digital content is structured by animated videos and a … Read more

Information and Analysis

We strengthen the microfinance sector through the generation and analysis of information, research and design of tools and products for the monitoring and measurement of the microfinance markets in a periodic and timely manner. a) Financial Performance Analysis We evaluate and analyze the current financial situation of the institution, with an analysis of trends and … Read more

Client Protection Assessment

The evaluation presents a diagnosis of the way in which the institution incorporates the Protection Client Principles into its practices, provides a comprehensive and independent vision of the client protection practices of a financial institution. Why should your institution do a Client Protection Assessment? An assessment can benefit your institution by evaluating how well you … Read more

Risk Management

We strengthen institutional capacities for risk exposure analysis and evaluation. The process includes the implementation of auxiliary tools for risk management. Basic Risk Management• Constitution of the Risk Committee• Induction workshops and auxiliary tools for MFIs• Review, adaptation and adjustment of the documents: Risk Policy, Regulation and Risk Manual• Assistance in the implementation of two … Read more