REDCAMIF since its foundation, has made progress in its institutional development, working for industry specialization at regional level through the development of programs and projects aimed at promoting innovation in services and financial and non-financial products adapted to the customers’ needs in the urban and rural sectors.


REDCAMIF is a network that seeks to consolidate the Microfinance industry in the Central American and the Caribbean isthmus through union representation, institutional strengthening, sustainability of networks and generation of strategic alliances, counting on qualified human resources and ethically committed; in order to contribute through its programs, to improve the quality of life of low-income families.


We are the representative organization of the National Microfinance Networks in Central America and the Caribbean, with leadership in the microfinance industry worldwide, which promotes and implements standards of high financial and social performance, based on principles, ethical values and a gender perspective for the benefit of low-income families.

Board of Directors

Reynold Walter
President REDCAMIF
Juan Pablo Montoya
Vice-President REDCOM
Julio Flores
Secretary ASOMIF
Günsthers Diaz
Treasurer REDPAMIF
Imelda Zaldivar
Director ASOMI
Lourdes Valeriano
Adrián Guzmán
Director REDOMIF
Manuel García
Substitute principal REDIMIF
Alexander Reyes
Substitute principal ASOMI
Francisco Madrid
Substitute principal REDMICROH
Francisco Montoya
Substitute principal ASOMIF
Andrea Matarrita
Substitute principal REDCOM
Arturo Muller
Substitute principal REDPAMIF
Elizabeth Mena
Substitute principal REDOMIF

Executive Direction REDCAMIF

Aracely Castillo

Executive Director

Allan Pérez

Head of Planning and Projects

Maria Rojas

Head of Information and analysis


Dennisse Quant

Head of Value Added Services

Andrea Rosales

Head of communication and training

Sharon Mendoza

Head of finance and administration